Hi, I'm Chenxi Cheng

I'm currently looking for | Position

I graduated from NYU in May this year. I'm interested in Front End and Full Stack Web development. If you have any opportunity please feel free to contact me!

A Little Info About Me

I come to the US in August 2018 for my master's program at NYU. My undergraduate major is communication engineering and my master's major is computer engineering.

Recently, I completed my master's program journey, I really appreciate the friends and professors I met during this long journey. Thanks for their encouragement and support.

My Tech Stack

Currently, my tech stack is focused on web development, including React, Next.js, Redux, Node, Express.js, Django, etc...

For the database and cloud server, I use MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Netlify, Alibaba Cloud, Digital Ocean for the most of time.

And More, I also planning to learn some new stack like Nest.js, GraphQL, SpringBoot, etc...